15 Upcycled Sewing Project Ideas

Hooray for Earth Day!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to scour thrift stores [or our closets!] for fabrics to repurpose into something else. Call it upcycling, refashioning, or repurposing… there’s just so much possibility for new life from things that have been discarded and forgotten.

So to celebrate Earth Day, I’ve gathered 15 of my upcycled sewing projects. Some have tutorials, others will hopefully provide you with some refashioning inspiration.

15 Upcycled Sewing Projects // If Only They Would Nap

Ruched Maternity Teedscf2445

Baby PantsDSC_0882

Pillow Cover from Vintage Sheetdscf6368

Kid Cardigan from Adult Cardigandscf74111

Baby Shoesbaby-shoes-tutorial

Pillow Cover from a Sweaterpillow-cover-tutorial


Kid PJ Pants from Adult PJs


Maternity Pants from Regular Jeansdscf2372

Dresses from Vintage Sheetsdscf1795

Cuff Bracelets from felted woolcuff-bracelet-tutorial

Silly Mustachesmustaches-tutorial

Sweater to Ruffled Cardigandscf1224

Dress to Skirt Refashion


Short to Long Sleeved Teedscf5515

Oh upcycling, how I heart you.

What materials do you have in your house right now that you can repurpose and sew into something new?

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  1. I upcycled a man’s dress shirt into a women’s bath robe. (Cut off cuffs and collars, evened out bottom edge. Put ruffles around all those places.) Turned out super cute!

  2. Love some of you ideas. Know exactly what you are working with in your schedule. My daughter has 3 boys and a girl. She too is as amazing as you. Growing good stock and being creative too. Take lots of pride in all you do. You are amazing.

  3. Great ideas, I love upcycling too , creating something new from something old , I am with you on the vintage sheets and scouring thrift shops , and my most recent project is creating little nighties from pillowcases for my little girl .

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