Simple Hair Band Flowers: a Tutorial


Alright, last-minute-gift-makers… here’s another easy gift for you to make today.  This one is super fun, and can be done while you’re watching your favorite Christmas movie or even riding in the car.  Simple hair band flowers, made from jersey knit or even T-shirt scraps.


1. Cut three circles of your knit or T-shirt fabric, varying the size.  [If you cut lots of circles at one time, then you can make a bunch of flowers really quickly.]


2. Stack the circles together, with the largest on the bottom.


3. Pinch the bottom of the circle, “scrunching” the layers together.


4. Take your threaded needle and weave in and out of the pinched layers, pulling your thread tightly as you go. [But not too tight – you don’t want it to break… not that that’s happened to me or anything…]  Do as many times as you’d like, until your flower looks like you want it to. [The more you sew in and out of the layers, the more “scrunched” your flower will look]



5. Sew your flower onto your hairband.  You could also sew it onto soft elastic or a large strip of jersey knit to make a headband.


6. Admire your handiwork :)


7. Make a bunch more, because you just might become addicted…

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  1. Why does this look difficult to me?!?! I am going to try this… and where can I buy headbands??? Thank you!

    1. oh it definitely is not difficult! don’t worry :) as for headbands, you can buy some of those elasticy headbands (they look kind of sporty usually) near the bobby pins at most stores. or you could tie it onto a skinny headband from that same department. or you can just use elastic and sew it into a circle. or you can even sew these onto a scrap of T-shirt material sewn into a circle too! the possibilities are endless. :)

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