A Belated Birthday Gift

Last week, the most wonderful thing came in the mail.  My new serger!  This belated birthday present (belated only because I couldn’t make up my mind if this was really the one to get) was courtesy of my wonderful hubby and amazing mother.

I have yet to use it.  I’ve read through the instruction manual, but haven’t had a chance to figure out how it works.  Because after I ordered it, I decided I needed to re-organize my sewing area… and the boys’ playroom… and our office…. to make it work better with my sewing machine and serger.  I have a serious furniture rearranging sickness.  My poor husband is so sweet to move furniture up and down the stairs for me, around the house… all. the. time.

Now that my sewing area is set up, I can play around with my *insert loud squealing noise and big happy dance here* new serger!

And then maybe I’ll have something to show for it.

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