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My oldest is in kindergarten this year, and though we homeschool, he attends a homeschool group once a week. So this is the first year we need to make Valentine’s to hand out to his class. I wanted this to be something we could do together, but I also didn’t want it to take if you know what I mean.

So I came up with a printable that we could use – and you can use it too!

Free Dinosaur Valentine Printables
This free PDF will print four hearts with different Valentine-y dinosaur puns. [Which my six-year-old thought were hilarious, by the way] You could print it on regular paper and glue onto your card, like we did, or you could print it on cardstock and use that as the card.

Here are the supplies we used to make our Valentines:


Blank cards, dinosaur stamps, and dinosaur erasers – all purchased at Target [the cards were in the dollar spot, but the erasers and stamps were by the Valentines]

And of course, the printable!

Dinosaur Valentine Printable copy

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free Dinosaur Valentine Printable

We cut the hearts out..


glued it onto the front of the card…


stamped the card with dinosaur stamps and added a dino eraser.


Quick to make [read: not too much work for mom], but still gives your little Valentine a chance to add a personal touch. Plus, who doesn’t love a good Valentine pun?? I definitely do. :)

Don’t forget to head over to the shop to download your

free Dinosaur Valentine printable!

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