Handmade Gifts for Boys day 5 – DIY Superhero Wall Art

It’s the last day for the third annual Handmade Gifts for Boys series! And it wouldn’t be a gift series for my boys without a little superhero action. My boys are pretty superhero obsessed. So I thought it would be fun to give them something for their shared bedroom.

DIY Superhero Wall Art


  • embroidery thread
  • embroidery hoop
  • optional picture frame
  • woven fabric (to fit the frame)

1. Find a superhero emblem/logo to trace onto your fabric. I googled the image and put my iPad underneath the embroidery hoop to trace. You could also print it out and hold your hoop up to a window to trace.


2. Trace the image with chalk, disappearing fabric marker, or lightly with pencil (as long as you know you’re going to stitch over the pencil)

DSC_02303. Then start stitching! For this one, I stitched an outline to begin.

DSC_02334. Then I just stitched long stitches up and down to fill in the Batman emblem.


You can either leave the stitching in the hoop, or place it in a picture frame like I did.

I plan on adding a few more of these so the boys can have a little superhero wall (my first attempt at Captain America didn’t quite work out, so I need to give it another shot).


Bonus: it doesn’t add to the toy clutter in our house, but the kids will still love it!

Head over to check out Stacey’s fantastic Fleece Warrior Hats! These would go perfectly with my sword and shield set!


You only have a short time left to enter the giveaway!

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Happy boy sewing!

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  1. COOL IDEA >>> BATMAN/ Superhero wall art! THANKS for the tutorial of embroidery for the small logo, then framed. Logo is simple to embroider with only 1 color of floss, black. GOOD LUCK with more Superheroes, including Captain America, to decorate your 2 young sons’ bedroom wall. Be sure to post photos when more are completed. Sarah in Minneapolis

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