Bottoms Up Pants Pattern Tour with Raegun Ramblings

We had a slight scheduling change, so there was no post yesterday, but we’ll catch up later. :) Today on the Bottoms Up Pants pattern tour we have the oh so talented Marissa of Raegun Ramblings and her ADORABLE boy Teddy. Just wait until you see the AMAZING pockets she came up with for her version of these pants! Ah. May. Zing.

bird pants first-003

Pop over and see all her pics!! Plus, rumor has it she might be adding some of these to her shop…??

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The Bottoms Up Pants pattern is still 25% off through 1/18 – no code necessary!

Jan 5th –> Sarah at The Crazy Tailor
Jan 6th –> Melissa at Sew Like My Mom
Jan 7th –> Ari at Max California
Jan 8th –> Marissa at RaeGun Ramblings
Jan 9th –> Emily at Naptime Creations
Jan 12th –> Courtney at Simple City Life
Jan 13th –> Sabra at Sew a Straight Line
Jan 14th –> RaeAnna at Sewing Mama Raeanna
Jan 15th –> Kacia at Coconut Robot
Jan 16th –> Scary at Shaffer Sisters

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