Construction and truck learning invitations

Construction and Truck Learning Invitations

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If your kids are into something, incorporating it into their learning is a great way to get them interested in whatever they’re learning! We use this kind of interest-led learning in many ways in our homeschool. I love to set up learning invitations for my kids, especially in the younger years, where they can drive the learning on their own, without me calling all the shots.

Construction and truck learning invitations

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Building Station

Invite your kids to build! Set out some materials or kits for your kiddos to explore.

  • Legos – challenge them to build something specific or even to build letters and numbers; or build something that is a certain number of bricks tall
  • Wooden blocks – pair these with pictures of famous buildings and challenge your kids to build it!
  • Recycled building – what can your kids build with the things you have in your recycling bin (toilet paper rolls, boxes, etc.)
  • Wood scraps and nails; we have a real, child sized tool kit like this
  • Building kit – wooden building kits are so fun for little builders!
  • These building kits work with cardboard and my littles love them


Boxes are an amazing way for kids to learn how to use tools!

  • Golf tees + boxes + plastic hammer – invite your kids to pound the tees into the boxes
  • Nuts and bolts – push/screw bolts through the cardboard and practice screwing on the bolts
  • Layer several pieces of cardboard together and give your kids screws and screwdrivers to practice using these tools

Construction and truck books

My youngest loves any book that has to do with building, construction, or tools. Here are some of his current faves:

Practice letters, letter sounds, and word building

Incorporate construction vehicles into a phonics lesson! This small construction truck set is perfect for this activity! Use a sensory bin to practice letters, letter sounds, and word building – you can download the instructions that will show you exactly how to do this below.



Play is the best way for kids to learn, so don’t underestimate the power of a good dump truck in a sandbox! Read a construction book and then head out to the sandbox or the beach (or just a big pile of dirt!) to pretend to build roads, buildings, etc.

Would your kiddos love these construction and truck learning invitations too?

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