Cultivating Your Home

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You get to choose what you cultivate in your home. You get to choose what will grow. My goal as a mom goes far beyond just teaching my kids to read. I want to teach them how to live their life. I want them to be sufficient in skills beyond answering the questions on a test. All these skills that I’ve learned (and am continuing to learn) like sewing, knitting, baking bread, canning, gardening… they’ve been forgotten by much of our modern society. I want my boys to know how to do these things. And I want to encourage other moms in these as well!

A cultivated home isn’t about decorating well or always having spotless counters. It’s about sowing into the things in your home that matter for eternity. Will you cultivate peace and kindness in your home? Or will you allow a spirit of disunity to grow? Will you cultivate your relationships – with your spouse, your children, with Jesus? Or will you choose bitterness, unforgiveness, and selfishness? Will you cultivate more sustainable rhythms and habits in your parenting or homeschool? Or will you burn out from trying to do it all and be it all? Will you cultivate a love of reading? Preparedness? New skills, like learning to garden or bake bread or sew clothing?

You can choose to cultivate the things in your life that matter. The things you want to grow and bear fruit. When you cultivate the ground, it requires you to pull out weeds and rocks. It requires you to add in good food for the soil. It requires you to work as you plant seeds. It requires your attention as you water. It isn’t passive. It isn’t automatic. It’s the same with your home – where you put your attention, those things will grow and you’ll see the fruit.

If you’re on my email list or following me on Instagram, you’ve heard me talking about this a lot — cultivating your home. The new membership community that I’ve created has come from this desire to support women in their home, motherhood, faith, and homeschooling. Cultivate Your Home is a place where motherhood and home are celebrated. It’s a place to come together for encouragement and practical skills.

So what can you expect in the Cultivate Your Home community?

Cultivate Your Home is a monthly membership where new content is added each month

  • Practical homeschool support that isn’t separate from your life
  • Encouragement in your everyday motherhood
  • Exclusive blog posts, videos, recipes, and tutorials with practical tips for a homegrown and handmade life
  • Private online forum off social media

I would love for you to join us in Cultivate Your Home!

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