that time of year again…

Oh, yes.  It's time. Time for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge! Each fall and spring, Meg from the elsie marley blog hosts a Kids' Clothing Week Challenge.  The challenge is to spend one hour a day [for the whole week] sewing for your kids.  It's been a great motivator for me to get some things … Continue reading that time of year again…


Upcycled Plaid Shorts

Alright, I'm getting back on track after a few frustrating days of sewing mistakes and mishaps. These shorts are upcycled from an old button-up shirt of my dad's that my mom brought me one day (thanks, Mom!).  The shirt was really thin, so they're lined with an old white T-shirt. I made these flat-front, like … Continue reading Upcycled Plaid Shorts

KCWC – take two!

This will be the second year I'm participating in the Kid's Clothing Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley.  The idea is that for an hour each day you sew clothing for your kids.  I have been slacking in the clothing-making department, so I need this challenge!  My boys desperately need some summer clothes.  And hopefully … Continue reading KCWC – take two!

I should never buy clothes again (AKA: I actually made something awesome)

I am digging Kids' Clothing Week Challenge.  I have had so many projects in my head, but I needed a swift kick in the pants to get started and actually try some of them. I made my first shirt (based off Dana's 90 minute shirt , but with a regular neckline) - and finally got my … Continue reading I should never buy clothes again (AKA: I actually made something awesome)

KCWC – day two

I work well under pressure, being "forced" to do something in a certain time frame.  So I like being challenged to get off my couch and actually make something from my to-do list  - which, at some point yesterday, looked like this: There are definitely some flaws in my novice sewing skills.  Like today, when … Continue reading KCWC – day two

First day – success!

Whew!  I made it through Day One of the Kids' Clothing Week Challenge at elsie marley.  The challenge is to sew for your kids, for one hour each day, for a week.  I honestly wasn't sure I'd even get one day done, with my drippy-nosed baby and a no-napping boy.  But I did some prepping … Continue reading First day – success!

Kids’ Clothes Week Challenge!

Meg, over at Elsie Marley, is hosting (another) Kids' Clothes Week Challenge.  September 20-26th (which also happens to be my birthday week... sounds like a good way to spend it, if you ask me!).  I've decided to take the plunge.  Who's with me??