KCWC: Geometric Tees

After sewing pants and a shirt for my oldest, my two-year-old said to me, "Where's my shirt, Mommy?" And when a child asks for handmade clothing, who am I to deny him? Using a men's thrifted T-shirt [made out of the SOFTEST material ever in life], I managed to make two shirts - one for … Continue reading KCWC: Geometric Tees


KCWC: Color Block Striped Tee

I decided I needed a little quicker project, after the pants I worked on the past couple of days. One that wasn't quite as detail oriented. So obviously a striped T-shirt is the way to go! This shirt is made with a combination of striped, knit fabric I scored from a rummage sale and an … Continue reading KCWC: Color Block Striped Tee

KCWC: Corduroy Pants

KCWC is slow-going these days. Apparently children think that napping is optional during this week. Mama does not agree. But nonetheless, we have pants! These pants are a modified version of the Nowhere Man pants pattern. You can see a previous pair that I've sewn here. I used a dark green, thinner corduroy from JoAnn's. … Continue reading KCWC: Corduroy Pants

Sewing Around the Blogosphere…

There are so many fun things going on around the sewing blogosphere right now. Well, aren't there always?! Here are the super fun things that are catching my eye right now: Project Run and Play This week is Boy Week! [Which is obviously my fave]. I really loved the looks from Delia Creates and Welcome … Continue reading Sewing Around the Blogosphere…

Fleece Pants for Baby

One of the easiest things to sew is a pair of fleece pants. Seriously, if you're scared of sewing clothing, this is the project to try. Fleece won't fray, so you don't have to worry about finishing the edges. So even if you can only sew a straight stitch, you can sew with fleece. Fleece … Continue reading Fleece Pants for Baby

Sweater-alls: Take Two!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might recall some sweater overalls that I made for my now two-year-old.  I really loved them on him, and they were such a super quick upcycling project. So I thought I'd make some for the baby this time around! Yes, I do realize that I just … Continue reading Sweater-alls: Take Two!

The Slim Fit Tank

The weather around here is not quite summer... or even spring, really. But eventually summer will come, and a certain four and a half year old doesn't have any tanks. Well, thank you Kids Clothes Week Challenge, we now have the first tank of the season. This is a self-drafted pattern [that I'm hoping to make … Continue reading The Slim Fit Tank

A slow-going KCWC

Kids Clothes Week Challenge is wrapping up. I managed to get three pieces sewn this week, even with a two and a half year old who just gave up his naps. [sigh] In my dream world, I would have gotten more done. But I'm happy with the pieces I did create. And as soon as … Continue reading A slow-going KCWC

Kids Clothes Week Challenge – It’s Back!

Elsie Marley is back with her bi-annual Kids Clothes Week Challenge, starting next week! I've participated the past three years, and I am always happy I did. Even if I kind of wimp out toward the end of the week. Or get super frustrated that none of my sewing is producing anything worthwhile. And I almost … Continue reading Kids Clothes Week Challenge – It’s Back!

KCWC – day 1

Yesterday was one of those days as a parent.  One of those leave after dinner, get a milkshake, and go shopping for fabric kind of days [all while my fabulous hubby gets the kids to bed, I might add]. Yes, one of those days. But at one point during all the madness, I was able to bust … Continue reading KCWC – day 1