15 Ways LEGO Encourages Kids to be Creative

As a creative mama, I think it's incredibly important to encourage creativity in my kids. There are so many ways to do this, but in our house, LEGO is one of the biggies. Rarely a day goes by without the sound of my boys digging through the LEGO bins (parents, you know the sound!) and … Continue reading 15 Ways LEGO Encourages Kids to be Creative


Casual Comfort: Sewing for Kindergarten

This year, my oldest started kindergarten. [cue the mama tears!] Yes, we are homeschooling... but that doesn't make it any less "my baby is growing up too fast!!" But since I have a kindergartener this year, I get to be a part of the Sewing for Kindergarten series - hosted by Sewing Like Mad!   … Continue reading Casual Comfort: Sewing for Kindergarten

Forty Toes

There are forty little toes in my house. That's not a small number.There's a lot of time put into caring for these precious little bodies. Some days it feels easier than others... though any parent will tell you that it's never actually easy. Parenting comes in seasons ... the exhausting, sleepless, just-give-me-one-moment-to-myself-please ones and the … Continue reading Forty Toes

Pink and Pincushions

Well today I've got two posts up on other sites that you'll need to pop over and check out. Here's a sneak peek at the outfit you can find at Alida Makes as part of her Calling All Kids series. And I've got an awesome tutorial for a pincushion/needle book for my regular contributing post … Continue reading Pink and Pincushions

Easy DIY Baby Pants Tutorial

With a house already full of boys, I haven't had the need to buy much of anything for this new babe. I did want to make a few things for baby, however, and one of my favorite things to make is baby pants. Okay, pants in general are a fave, I'll admit, but especially baby pants. … Continue reading Easy DIY Baby Pants Tutorial

Kids Clothes Week Challenge – It’s Back!

Elsie Marley is back with her bi-annual Kids Clothes Week Challenge, starting next week! I've participated the past three years, and I am always happy I did. Even if I kind of wimp out toward the end of the week. Or get super frustrated that none of my sewing is producing anything worthwhile. And I almost … Continue reading Kids Clothes Week Challenge – It’s Back!

The Stay Dry Tote — Tutorial!

This summer [whenever summer decides to arrive here... ] we're planning on spending a lot of time at the wading pools.  They are perfect for my boys and I - small, not crowded, shallow enough that the boys can play freely, and free [the big selling point!] Look at my little wading pool baby! When … Continue reading The Stay Dry Tote — Tutorial!