Easy DIY Baby Pants Tutorial

With a house already full of boys, I haven’t had the need to buy much of anything for this new babe. I did want to make a few things for baby, however, and one of my favorite things to make is baby pants. Okay, pants in general are a fave, I’ll admit, but especially baby pants. Everything is much better in miniature version.

There are two things that I really love about sewing knit baby pants: they are a super quick sew and they take very little fabric.

Don’t have a baby to sew for? This tutorial is basically an updated version of my lounge pants, so you could easily make these for any sized kid.

easy DIY baby pants tutorial // if only they would nap

If you know my crazy love for upcycling, you have to know that I adore using thrifted T-Shirts for baby pants. Not only does it make these even that much faster to make, it also gives you so many great fabric options. [the two pants on the right were both upcycled from thrifted tees!] And obviously, stripes are always a good choice…

DSC_08431. Lay a pair of baby pants on top of your fabric/thrifted tee. You want to line up the outside seam of your pants with the folded edge of your fabric. Cut around the pants, giving yourself a little extra fabric around the side for a seam allowance. [for baby pants made out of knit, I make the front and back the same, but you can always make the back a little higher if you need some room in the booty]

DSC_0848Be sure also that you add some extra length at the top for the waistband. How much will depend on how wide your elastic is. I prefer to use fold over elastic like this:

Babyville Boutique Fold Over Elastic Blue/Turquoise

for baby pants, since it’s soft and won’t dig into baby’s skin at all.

DSC_08542. Sew down the inseam of each leg, with the right sides of the fabric together.

DSC_08584. Turn the pant legs right side out. Pin the legs together at the center seam and sew.

DSC_08635. Sew the ends of your elastic together. My elastic was about 14in. long, allowing room for overlap as the ends were sewn together. I don’t want my pants to be too tight, and I cloth diaper my babes, so I don’t need the pants to be super skinny. And my babies tend to be well over eight pounds. If yours are smaller, you might want to use less elastic.

DSC_08716. Fold the top of the waistband over the circle of elastic and pin in place.

DSC_08737. Sew the waistband down, being careful not to sew the elastic at the same time.DSC_0877And then sew up a bunch for all the babies you know, because it was so ridiculously quick!

DSC_0882C’mon, baby, you’ve got some sweet stripey pants waiting for you!

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  1. awww… I love these. Vincent has too few pants in his wardrobe. If only he would give me a moment to go thrift some tees!

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  3. So cute! I have been wanting to make some for my little 12 month old, but would love to have feet on them so I don’t have to deal with keeping socks on him. Would you have any suggestions to tweet this pattern to add feet? Thanks!

    1. hmm… well, i honestly haven’t added feet before. i have a baby shoes pattern that you could maybe use to help you start out making the foot part. you’d have to play with it a little bit to get it right i’m sure. or deconstruct a pair of baby footie pajamas and see how they’re made!

  4. Thank you for writing this wonderful tutorial! I’m a beginner, and this was by far the easiest to understand guide to sewing baby pants from t-shirts.

  5. How is the t-shirt folded? I’d like to make my little man a few pairs but I’m new to sewing projects and I’m a little confused by your pictures (sorry). Do you have a YouTube video tutorial?

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