Unexpected miracles.

All my life, I have wanted to be a mom. I loved playing with my dolls and creating a world where I could care for little babies all day long. Preferably lots of them. I think at one point my sister got a set of quintuplet babies that I was pretty much obsessed with. I … Continue reading Unexpected miracles.

Dress to Skirt Refashion! [A little tutorial]

Refashion. Upcycle. Thrifting. These could quite possibly be some of my favorite words ever. EVAH. So when I walk through a thrift store, I tend to look with a "what could I do with this?" kind of eye. I recently found this lovely green sundress: But as lovely as it was, it didn't fit. Not. Even. … Continue reading Dress to Skirt Refashion! [A little tutorial]

Maternity Tank

In the middle of KCWC, I decided to make a little something for myself.  Something just a teeny bit fancier than my typical T-shirt. :) And no, do not adjust your screen... I really am that pasty white.  I live in Wisconsin.  I was freezing outside while I took this picture. This top is made … Continue reading Maternity Tank

Maternity Pants Tutorial

Well, I said it was coming, and here it is!  An under the belly maternity pants tutorial! First, you will need a pair of pants that fit you well - at least, mostly. I picked up these jeans at a thrift store, and like the brown pants I posted about the other day, they fit perfectly, … Continue reading Maternity Pants Tutorial

Maternity Pants!

Yes, there comes a day when maternity pants are a must.  That day has looong since arrived with this baby!  It is truly amazing how quickly a third baby pops out.  I have a mega problem with maternity pants - they are always too big.  Even in the third trimester.  Because maternity pants are made … Continue reading Maternity Pants!

Ruffle Sweater Redo

I have had a grey sweater for a number of years, but said sweater is from my PB days (Pre-Baby days).  While I still love it, it just doesn't fit quite the same anymore.  I mean, I was no super model in those PB days, but wearing this sweater as-is in the now Post-Baby days... … Continue reading Ruffle Sweater Redo

A Little Something For Me!

The past couple of days have been rough mommy days.  My almost three-year-old has been... sigh.... trying my patience.  So, to keep my sanity, I decided to sew something for myself.   And eat chocolate. I have a few three-quarter length shirts from Target that I really love, so I made one of my own … Continue reading A Little Something For Me!