15 Sewing Projects to Help You Get Organized!

Happy New Year! I love when things start fresh... new years, new seasons, new school years, new notebooks. As we're starting 2017, I'm doing a huge purge of my house. We moved into our new (old) home last February, and in that time I'm realizing all the stuff that we don't need - or want … Continue reading 15 Sewing Projects to Help You Get Organized!


Jumping in.

Happy New Year, friends! It's been pretty quiet around here - between family celebrations and traveling and winter illnesses, I've been laying pretty low. But probably like so many of you, with the new year comes a rejuvenation. A fresh burst of ideas and energy. Recommitment and resolution. In the past, I've shared my one … Continue reading Jumping in.

Looking Back at 2012

Happy New Year, lovelies! I don't feel like I've yet recovered from the holidays yet. We are still in vacation mode at our house, having just returned from Christmas celebrations with our families. Only one of our suitcases is unpacked, and I haven't started any of the mounds of laundry. But I have a few … Continue reading Looking Back at 2012