Ruffle Pillows

This last weekend, I hosted a bridal shower for my younger sister, who is getting married next month. [Yay!]  I made her and her fiance some ruffle pillows to add a personal touch to their decor. I chose the green color for the pillow so that her fiance wouldn't say it was too girly. :) I … Continue reading Ruffle Pillows


Who couldn’t use a few more ruffles…

Yikes... it has been awhile since I've posted.  More than awhile.  I think I had to dust the cobwebs off my blog before typing.  Seriously.  The new year hasn't quite started with the bang I thought it would.  I haven't even fired up my sewing machine once.  Maybe I'm giving it a rest from working … Continue reading Who couldn’t use a few more ruffles…

Ruffle Sweater Redo

I have had a grey sweater for a number of years, but said sweater is from my PB days (Pre-Baby days).  While I still love it, it just doesn't fit quite the same anymore.  I mean, I was no super model in those PB days, but wearing this sweater as-is in the now Post-Baby days... … Continue reading Ruffle Sweater Redo