Who couldn’t use a few more ruffles…

Yikes… it has been awhile since I’ve posted.  More than awhile.  I think I had to dust the cobwebs off my blog before typing.  Seriously.  The new year hasn’t quite started with the bang I thought it would.  I haven’t even fired up my sewing machine once.  Maybe I’m giving it a rest from working it like a dog before Christmas.  Right… that’s it.  A rest.

I am mid-project now, however, and I hope to have it finished soon.  As long as my sweet littles will take good naps this week (should I even jinx it by putting that in print??), I should have my first actual creation of 2011. (And yes, I realize how sad that is!)

Shortly before Christmas, one of my all-time BFFs, Alicia, came over for a little sewing lesson.  Well, she definitely knows how to sew, but she wanted me to teach her how to create her own version of The Ruffle Sweater.

the original

In between all our chatting and laughing, we did actually do some sewing.  In fact, she taught me some things.  Like how to use my rotary cutter and the various tools that come with it.  For example, did you know that that fancy schmancy clear ruler was actually supposed to be clear, to lay on top of fabric? (Yes, I do realize this is quite ridiculous that I didn’t know this)  I had been using it for YEARS with the paper still on the back.  But no more!  I have seen the light, peeled off the backing, and have been delving into the world of rotary cutting.

I digress… together we created this beauty!

Just like mine, this sweater was also a pullover turned cardigan.  Alicia and I made a good team – she did the cutting, while I sewed.  And while I was sewing, she may or may not have been laughing at my disaster of a sewing area… I blamed the Christmas present projects, but she knows me better than that. ;)

I think I see more ruffles in her future!

The only thing that could have made this evening better would have been some kind of fabulous chocolatey dessert…. next time!

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