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Suka the Sloth Stuffed Animal Pattern
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Suka the Sloth Stuffed Animal Pattern

I’ve been needing a creative burst of energy lately, so I busted out my sewing machine and made my little guy a sloth stuffie. He loved it so much (and so did I!) that I polished up the…

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Five Tips for Sewing with Young Kids Underfoot

I’ve been in a season of slow, simple sewing. Have you been in a season like this? I’m a homeschool mama with five young kids, including a toddler whose favorite pastime is coloring on the walls and climbing…

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When Motherhood Isn’t What You Expected 

Anytime you bring a new baby home, your life is going to change. Most of those changes are so, so good. And many are just as difficult. But babies grow and (eventually) sleep through the night, and what…