Ten Easy to Sew Projects for Kids

Ten Easy Sewing Projects for Kids


If you have kids in your life who are starting to learn how to sew, you might be looking for some projects for them. Kids can learn to sew by hand or by machine at a pretty young age – my kids have been hand sewing since four and machine sewing by seven or eight (or whenever they are interested). I compiled a round-up of ten easy to sew projects for kids to help give you and your kiddos some ideas.

Ten Easy to Sew Projects for Kids

  1. Heart pencil toppers are an easy hand-sewing project and make a great gift. These can be made with felt scraps or even an old wool sweater!

2. This shield and sword set can be easily sewn by hand OR by machine. It’s great to start with projects that kids can use – things they can play with, use at home, or wear are great beginner projects.

3. These mustaches are such a fun dress-up idea and a quick sew. They can be made from fabric scraps and since they’re just for playing around, it’s no big deal if your kiddo is still learning and they end up looking a little funky. There’s no right or wrong way to make these!

4. Let your kiddos create their own scene with felt. The possibilities are endless, but it’s a great way to practice hand sewing.

5. Fabric light sabers are easy to sew and can be sewn by hand or machine.

6. Embellishing jeans with fabric (this is an easy hand sewing project) is a fun way to add personality to a pair of pants. This tutorial shows them on the pockets, but this is easily done on the knees, front pockets, or anywhere!

7. Stuffed animals like this stuffed snake or Suka the Sloth

8. A tote bag is a great project for kids, because they can make it as simple or as complicated as they want. They can even use the tote bag to carry all their sewing supplies. ;)

9. An art supply carrier is a good project to move your kiddos into more advanced sewing skills.

10. Accessories like clothing for stuffed animals are terrific projects for kids. This teddy bear jacket pairs great with the Suka the Sloth pattern!

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