The Grandpa Inspired Look – sewing along with PR&P’s boy week

Well I'm sewing along with another week of Project Run and Play! Really, how could I not sew along with boy week? I decided to sew for my three-year-old, because honestly, I don't do that often. Poor middle child. Plus, he's my most reluctant model. As I lay awake the other night [seriously, pregnancy insomnia? I'd … Continue reading The Grandpa Inspired Look – sewing along with PR&P’s boy week


The Easiest, Coziest Pillow Cover Ever: a Tutorial

Sometimes life is funny... like how you blog about listening to your body and taking more naps. Then you come down with the stomach flu and have to stay in bed Funny or ... not so funny? Today was a slow day of recovery. But since I was bored silly yesterday [I actually got … Continue reading The Easiest, Coziest Pillow Cover Ever: a Tutorial

Sweater-alls: Take Two!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might recall some sweater overalls that I made for my now two-year-old.  I really loved them on him, and they were such a super quick upcycling project. So I thought I'd make some for the baby this time around! Yes, I do realize that I just … Continue reading Sweater-alls: Take Two!


Today I am 30. I don't mind getting older.  In fact, I like it.  Ask me again when I turn 40, I might have a different answer, but today I'm good with it. As a birthday present to myself, I made a pillow. Made from a felted wool sweater that was so thick I thought … Continue reading 30.

Sweater Romper!

I think baby and toddler clothing made out of sweaters is one of the cutest things you can put on an itty bitty.  My littles have had a few of those outfits, purchased on clearance from various stores, or borrowed from friends, because seriously... they might be cute, but they are expensive!  So of course, … Continue reading Sweater Romper!

Who couldn’t use a few more ruffles…

Yikes... it has been awhile since I've posted.  More than awhile.  I think I had to dust the cobwebs off my blog before typing.  Seriously.  The new year hasn't quite started with the bang I thought it would.  I haven't even fired up my sewing machine once.  Maybe I'm giving it a rest from working … Continue reading Who couldn’t use a few more ruffles…


I have had these in my mind, ever since I saw this picture. I picked up this sweater on a thrift store outing, knowing that it would be perfect. I used an existing pair of overalls as my pattern, and it was a super quick project. When thinking about how to finish the edges, my … Continue reading Sweater-alls

Ruffle Sweater Redo

I have had a grey sweater for a number of years, but said sweater is from my PB days (Pre-Baby days).  While I still love it, it just doesn't fit quite the same anymore.  I mean, I was no super model in those PB days, but wearing this sweater as-is in the now Post-Baby days... … Continue reading Ruffle Sweater Redo