The Easiest, Coziest Pillow Cover Ever: a Tutorial


Sometimes life is funny… like how you blog about listening to your body and taking more naps. Then you come down with the stomach flu and have to stay in bed Funny or … not so funny?

Today was a slow day of recovery. But since I was bored silly yesterday [I actually got sick of Netflix… who knew that could happen?], I needed to sew today. Need. Rather than clean the house. Because obviously sewing is much more important.

Awhile back, I made these pillows. They’re still on my couch. And after seeing Andrea’s super cute Christmas pillows, I realized they don’t quite fit the change in seasons.

So, after raiding my to-be-upcycled sweater stash [which is quite large, if you must know], I now have a pillow that took me about 10 minutes to make.


  • Button-up sweater [pick a fuzzy one for maximum coziness]
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine and thread

1. Lay out your sweater. Using your pillow form, decide where you should cut your sweater. This will depend on how big the sweater is to start with. This one is a crop-length sweater, so it’s going to make a smaller pillow.

2. Cut your sweater to fit the pillow form, keeping the buttons buttoned. My sweater was the perfect width, so I only had to make one cut, underneath the armpits. [If you cut unevenly like *ahem* I did, you can easily fix that when you’re sewing. Plus, no one will really notice, as sweaters are stretchy and forgiving of mistakes!]

3. Turn the sweater inside out [keeping it buttoned]. Sew across the top and the bottom. Note: in the picture above, the sweater is not inside out. If your sweater is too wide, you will also have to sew up the other sides.

4. Turn the sweater right side out, unbutton, insert your pillow form, and re-button. Now cozy up with some kind of hot drink and a good book. Or maybe clean the house first. Maybe.

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    1. i would use a zig-zag stitch. and as for length, i’d do something between medium/long. that way it would allow for some stretch (which the sweater probably has). and hooray for pulling out your sewing machine again! it’ll be a great feeling to make something on it!

  2. This is such a good idea, I shrank my 17 year old daughters favorite cardigan in the wash and she was so upset, I am going to make her one of these pillows with it and hopefully she will forgive me!

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