15 Sewing Projects to Help You Get Organized!

Happy New Year! I love when things start fresh... new years, new seasons, new school years, new notebooks. As we're starting 2017, I'm doing a huge purge of my house. We moved into our new (old) home last February, and in that time I'm realizing all the stuff that we don't need - or want … Continue reading 15 Sewing Projects to Help You Get Organized!


I Sew Love This

I adore when other bloggers share things they find and love; things they've found interesting or noteworthy. New tutorials, free patterns, great article, fun inspiration. So I'm starting a new tradition here, called I Sew Love This, where I'll be sharing things I love from around the internet. I imagine they will be mostly sewing related, … Continue reading I Sew Love This

15 Quick Easter Sewing Tutorials

Easter is just about here, but there is still time to sew something fabulous. Whether you need a basket, decorations, or something for you or the littles to wear to church, it's not too late! I've gathered 15 quick Easter sewing tutorials that you can whip up in the next couple days. Ruffled Tulle Easter … Continue reading 15 Quick Easter Sewing Tutorials

Easter Sewing Inspiration [for the procrastinator]

I'll admit it. I'm already going through sewing withdrawal! But since I haven't quite figured out how to fit sewing into the new baby schedule [read: what schedule?!] I thought I'd snag some inspiration and ideas for those of you who can sew right now. Especially for those of you who, like I always do, … Continue reading Easter Sewing Inspiration [for the procrastinator]

Boys Will be Boys: The End.

What a fun week! I hope you enjoyed our Boys Will be Boys, so Handmake Their Toys series! Stacey and I had a lot of fun putting it all together. But I have to admit... I'm exhausted! At least now I have some Christmas presents finished, though, and didn't wait until the very last minute. … Continue reading Boys Will be Boys: The End.

An Exciting Announcement – A Christmas Gift Series for BOYS!

I am so incredibly excited to announce a super fun series that will be happening right on this very blog in just a couple of weeks. Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy [another fellow boy-mom of three!] and I are teaming up to bring you ... We will be bringing you tutorials, giveaways, and roundups … Continue reading An Exciting Announcement – A Christmas Gift Series for BOYS!