Felt Embellished Baby Onesies!

A couple weeks ago, I broke my first needle on my sewing machine.  It was a sad day, because I was finishing a project for myself, and I couldn’t get the old needle off!  But of course, that problem is fixed and we are now back in business.

But before I could get back to finishing my selfish sewing (which sometimes is much more fun, I will admit), I had to whip something up for a baby shower!  So, here are the baby onesies, embellished with felt.  I love decorating onesies with felt.  It has a fun look to it, and it’s super easy to make.  Some pieces are hand-sewn (which is great for when I’m watching The Next Food Network Star, or some other TV show – I like to multi-task!), and some are machine-sewn.




(For this one, I set all the pieces up exactly how I wanted them, then took a picture to refer to as I was sewing)

This onesie has been my favorite so far.  My friend whom I gave it to is doing an owl-themed nursery, and I just LOVE how it turned out.

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    1. if i’m using felted wool (a sweater that i felt myself), i wash it really hot and then dry on hot as well. but if i’m using regular felt, i usually wash cool and air dry. if you’re going to put it in the dryer, i would definitely wash/dry it first.

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