90 Minute Success!

Several times, I have attempted Dana’s 90 Minute Shirt.  And for whatever reason, I could not get the neckline to fit the right way.  So I basically gave up and decided that my kiddos are just destined to wear homemade shirts with plain, boring necklines.

Well, no more!  I have triumphed over the 90 Minute Shirt!

Continuing to post my Upcycled Christmas gifts, these were made for another nephew – who, lucky for me, is nearly the same size as my one-year-old, which meant I could try everything on him to make sure it should fit – yay for close in age cousins!

The pants came from a sweatshirt (re-using the existing hem for the bottom of the pants), and the shirt came from a larger shirt (re-using the ribbing from the shirt’s neckline to make the neckline — the one that was a success on the first time for this shirt, I might add)

I could also call this the Serger Christmas, since I have now mastered one stitch on my beloved serger.  So I guess a good goal for 2011 would be to master more than one stitch….

(And P.S. all these lovely niecies and nephews also got homemade play dough… I just can’t be the auntie who gives only clothing… I need them to think I’m at least a little bit fun.)

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  1. Hey great outfit! I hear ya on the serger, I am learning very slowly how the whole serger thing works. It scared me for two years and now I think I have a decent handle on it. Now one of these days I am going to have to change the thread.
    Feel free to check out my work at Kissingbunniescrafts@blogspot.com

  2. This is so cute, and looks so professional! And the dresses from the last post are amazingly adorable. You are really rocking the Serger. I bet all your niecies and nephews were thrilled, lucky kids!!

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