Trick or Treat, Don’t You Look Sweet?

Happy Halloween!

This was the first year I decided to make Halloween costumes.  Besides the fact that I thought this would be fun to try, I am also super cheap.  So, my goal was to refashion or use what I already had, rather than buying anything new for these costumes.

I present, Super Why and Mr. Traffic Light (inspired by Dana’s costume here)!

The kids wore their costumes twice – once for Trick-or-Treating at the zoo, then another time Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood and a super fun party with friends.

The above picture was taken at the zoo.   I My son was disappointed that no one seemed to recognize that he was Super Why, so I did make some adjustments before heading out for adventure number two.

With a little hot glue and some string, everyone knew he was Super Why!

Super Why was made from an XL men’s green sweatshirt (the sleeves became pants, and I used the rest of the sweatshirt to make a new three-year-old-sized sweatshirt) and a men’s button-up shirt, plus the collar of a men’s T-shirt (the yellow around his “superhero underwear”).

Super Why also had his own Super Duper Computer, made out of some thrift store flannel and felt I had on hand.

Mr. Traffic Light needed something comfy, since most of his Trick-or-Treating was spent sitting in the stroller (as evidenced by the fact that most of my photos look just like this one!)  I made a quick pair of fleece pants, along with a sweatshirt.  A few felt/flannel circles, and we were good to go.

Now I get to enjoy the fun part of Halloween… sneaking candy from the candy bag while the kids are sleeping.  Shh….

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  1. Yay for more PBS kids! I found you on from the Word Girl costume post, you did a great job on these (nice touch making a Super Duper Computer too) and I’d be thrilled if you would add you guys to the Costume Parade over at Kids Stuff World. It’s running all week, hope to see you there!

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