Unfinished Project Syndrome

Right now, I am suffering from Unfinished Project Syndrome.  Perhaps you recognize it in yourself?

Some of the symptoms include, but are not limited to:

-having several (or more than several…) pieces of fabric that are cut out, ready to be sewn, but the sewing has yet to begin
-starting one project, and then switching when you come across a “better” project
-printing out a pattern, but leaving the fabric sitting on your sewing table, untouched
-continuing to add to your “to make” list, faster than you’re actually making

Some causes of Unfinished Project Syndrome include, but are not limited to:

-teething baby
-enormous pile of laundry
-a three-year-old who melts down during rest time because his cars keep falling off the bed (please, someone tell me this is a problem at your house too…)
-a sink full of dishes (and maybe a counter full as well)
-getting sucked into reading craft blogs, discovering new projects that get added to that aforementioned “to make” list
-facebook (need I say more??)

Anyone out there want to form a support group?

I'd love to hear what YOU think

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