Upcycled and [Nearly] No Sew Playmat!

If you read my blog around Christmas time, you may remember my goal to have an Upcycled Christmas.  One thing that I made, but never posted pictures of, was a playmat for my boys.  Since both of them love cars, this playmat has turned out to be a winner in our house!

The large gray material is a grey flannel sheet I found on a past thrifting adventure.  The rest of the mat is made from mostly upcycled T-Shirts.  I had originally thought I would sew everything on, but time got away from me, and I ended up using fabric glue.  If I could go back, I would sew it all on.  I found out that not all fabric glues are alike.

This was by far the  best of the fabric glues I tried.

The places my kiddos love are featured – the Children’s Museum, Starbucks (not just important to Mama!), McDonalds, Daddy’s work….

… the park, the zoo, the lake, the grocery store, our house, the hospital, Target.

I backed it with some fabulous IKEA car fabric that I’ve had since last summer.  I really love that I didn’t have to purchase anything for this project!  I just serged around the edges to put it all together.

My love of upcycling and my children entertaining themselves.  Oh so lovely.

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  1. LOVE that starbucks is on there. makes me really want a starbucks date with you! also, sam is the cutest. can he be my wedding date again soon? ;)

  2. I also love that Starbucks and Target are on there. My child would deem those important places too if he could talk.

  3. This is so cute, and I love your idea for an upcycled Christmas, I going to have to try that one year. The zoo and starbucks are my favorite, I’m working on a felt activity book and I want to have a little driving/map page, and I am going to add those to it for sure.
    Thanks for the ideas, Sarah

  4. This is so awesome! I LOVE how you included places that they like or that you go to a lot. That really makes this unique : ) Upcycled crafts rock, too!

  5. My boys would have loved this! Glad to see you remembered Starbucks (although I must admit to being a BIT more partial to Dunkin Donuts;-})

  6. that is so creative! my boys would love playing with that! thanks for the inspiration. and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. :) blessings, lora

  7. i love this! I will be making for my sons second birthday! He’s so into cars that’s actually going to be our party theme! Thanks for the great idea.

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