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My hubs and I are blessed with super big families.  We both have five siblings – and many of them are married or have siginificant others, and the pool of niecies and nephews is growing by leaps and bounds.  Unfortunately for us, not many of them live really close. [insert sad face here]

So, for my littles, that means relying on pictures to remember who everyone is.  Those same littles have a tendency to destroy those fabulously easy photo books that come from various online retailers, so I needed a slightly less destructible option.

Enter, the Cloth Photo Book.

Surprise, surprise, it’s partly upcycled!  The heart fabric is from an old pair of pajama pants of mine, and I also used some striped fleece that I snagged from the remnants section at JoAnn’s.  A little bit Valentine-y. :)

Each page has a vinyl pocket sewn onto it, and I chose not to use any interfacing, since the fleece has such a heavy weight.

Family photos accessible to the kiddos now!

Family + Love = the perfect Valentine.

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  1. a couple of questions….
    1. How did you stick the binding? Are the pages actually two pages long? (does that make sense?)
    2. Did you leave the top of the plastic open? What did you use for the plastic?

    I have a baby shower coming up and would love to make one.

    1. the pages are all individual rectangles, just a little bit bigger than the vinyl. JoAnn’s sells vinyl by the yard in different thicknesses, i chose one that i felt would be easy to sew through but also durable. (but i can’t remember what size it is!). as for the binding, i had a bunch of different ideas that i couldn’t get to work, so i ended up just stacking them up and sewing them together with embroidery floss – nothing fancy. i think i would have had more options if i had used thinner material, not fleece. but then i would definitely use some interfacing to keep it more stable.

  2. That’s such a cute idea! I have been married for about 2 years now, and my husband’s brothers both have children, so this would be such a great idea to do for them. Thanks so much. I’m going to bookmark it so I can make it sometime :)

  3. This is sooo sweet! I found your blog through Tatertots & Jello’s weekend wrap-up and have been poking around. Good stuff : ) I’m a mom of boys, too. I love the name of your blog and can completely relate!

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