Cuff Bracelet Tutorial: Because She’s Worth it!

When thinking about what kind of bracelet or zipper pouch tutorial I wanted to share with you as part of the She’s Worth it Campaign, the very first thing that came to mind was a simple cuff bracelet.


Natural fibers, easy to make, and one that requires little to no sewing skills.
cuff bracelet tutorialSupplies Needed:

  • felted wool
  • twill tape
  • button
  • needle/thread
  • fabric paint
  • paint brush/stamps
  • sewing machine – optional
  • scissors

DSC_00031. Cut a rectangle from a scrap of felted wool that fits around your wrist snugly, but not too tightly. Choose something that’s soft and feels good against your skin – and make sure the fabric stretches horizontally [around your wrist].

DSC_00062. Cut a piece of twill tape that’s a couple inches long, depending on what word you are printing.

DSC_00143. Carefully sew the twill tape onto the center of the rectangle. This could be done with a sewing machine or by hand. [you may find this step easier to do after you paint your letters on – it’s your choice] The two cut ends will fray, but I really like how this looks.

DSC_01324. Using fabric paint and either stamps or a paint brush, paint your letters onto the twill tape.

DSC_01365. Cut a small slit on one end that is just large enough for your button.

DSC_01386. Hand sew the button onto the other end.



DSC_0150Awkward hand shot… definitely no hand modeling in my future, friends.

DSC_0155This one I cut smaller and cut the twill tape on all sides, so that it would fray all around.

DSC_0170Have you made a bracelet or zipper pouch to give to women and girls who have been rescued from slavery? Want to see some other tutorials to get more inspiration? Andrea has made a Pinterest board for the She’s Worth it Campaign, so be sure to follow and get involved. Because she is worth it.


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