Rick Rack Owl Toy

I had the honor of testing a fabulous new toy pattern for Kate over at See Kate Sew.  She’s releasing her Rick Rack Owl Toy pattern for sale today.  I had so much fun making this one!

When I looked through my sewing supplies, I realized that I only have one kind of rick rack… apparently I don’t really use rick rack much!  The pink in the rick rack pretty much meant my owl was going to be a girly one.

I actually sewed this owl by hand while we were away this weekend.  There’s something so therapeutic about hand sewing.  And this was a great project for that – super quick.

“Take my picture with the owl, Mom!”

I clearly didn’t pay enough attention when I was cutting my fabric, though, and ended up with that big polka dot right in the middle of the owl’s face… woops!  But there will be more of these owls in our future.  I guess I found a reason to buy some more rick rack!

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2 thoughts on “Rick Rack Owl Toy

  1. 1. I made your picture frame craft idea, and so did my friend Bree, and we LOVE THEM! I have to remember to take a picture and show you.
    2. Are you selling these, too? I’m doing Avery’s bedroom eventually into owls and I would LOVE to have a Jess created toy in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. I love you! Love,

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