Hey, hey, it’s a monkey!

Happy Halloween!

While many of you still have festivities to come tonight, we have already gone trick-or-treating, and we have the loot to prove it [that is, the candy that hasn’t already made it into my belly…. mmmm]

There are my three costume-clad cuties!

[iPod tutorial blogged here]

Months ago, when I asked my four-year-old what he wanted to be for Halloween, he told me a monkey.  I waited for awhile to see if he changed his mind, but every time I asked, he said he needed a monkey costume – and he was insistent that I make it.

So in true Jess fashion, I did another up cycle.  In the same way as last year’s Super Why Costume, I refashioned a men’s sweatshirt that I had on hand to make his pants [from the sleeves of the sweatshirt] and the main portion of his monkey top. The fuzzy material is one I’ve had for a long time, purchased from JoAnn’s, making for a free costume!  I love things that are free.

This is the only picture where you can see his tail peeking out.  It’s made from that fuzzy material, stuffed with polyfil, and sewn onto a circle of elastic.  That way it wouldn’t get in the way of sitting in the car seat and could be easily taken off – or worn without the rest of the monkey costume [which has already happened!]  The costume could easily be a bear, too, without the tail or the quickly made banana [out of a yellow microfiber towel, like the ones I used for the prefold diapers]

This little man did not have a homemade costume.  The pea pod was found at Joann’s on clearance last year [and no, I wasn’t even pregnant then, just hopeful!]  I’m glad I didn’t spend the time making a costume that he wore for about two hours… but he was awfully cute!

Have a safe and fun Halloween, to those of you who are celebrating tonight!  Now excuse me while I go eat yet another piece of candy…

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