Comfy Rockstar Pants Tutorial… made from an unlikely fabric!

I have one of those three-year-olds who would live in sweatpants if I let him. He loves to be comfy. And really, who can blame him? Sweatpants are quite delightful. Especially when the windchill is below zero.

But as comfy as it is to spend everyday in sweats, sometimes that isn’t really appropriate. Also, let’s face it, it’s hard to pull off the rockstar look in sweats. Not impossible, but harder.

So, enter the most unlikely fabric choice for a boy… Jeggings! Not something that usually screams “boy.”

comfy rockstar pants tutorial

Jeggings fabric [I picked mine up at Joann’s] is comfy and stretchy like sweat pants, but has a nicer more “jeans-y” look to it. The perfect way to pull off the comfy rockstar look.

Tips for working with jeggings fabric:

  • If you have a serger, use it.
  • If you don’t have a serger, use a stretch needle and a stretch stitch if you have it.
  • Remember that it has a LOT of stretch to it, so choose your pattern/size accordingly.
  • Don’t get locked in to thinking it’s just for girls. :)

Start out by finding a pair of pants that fit your boy well. [or girl… girls can wear comfy rockstar pants too] You want to find a pair that is a slim fit. If you don’t have one, find some pajama pants, but keep in mind that you’ll probably want to widen the bottom of the leg a little.DSC_02651. Trace one leg of the pants, up to but NOT including the waistband. Make sure the stretch of the fabric goes horizontally and that you allow for hemming at the bottom.

I made all four pieces of my legs virtually identical, meaning the back doesn’t go up higher than the front, as you’d typically find with pants. If your kid has a bigger backside or still wears cloth diapers, you may want to trace separate back and front pieces, making the back higher. However, keep in mind that the fabric is very stretchy!

DSC_03032. Cut all four pieces out. Then pin and sew up the long outside seam and then up the inseam. Repeat with the second leg.

DSC_03073. Pin and sew the two legs together at the center seam.DSC_03064. Measure the width of the pants. Cut two rectangles for your waistband that match that width and are about two inches tall. Pin the right sides together and sew the short ends.DSC_03085. Measure your little one’s waist. Cut a length of 1 1/2 inch elastic that is slightly smaller than that number, so it’s snug around their middle. Sew the ends of the elastic together to form a circle. Then fold the waistband pieces so the seams are inside and tuck the elastic in.DSC_03106. Pin and sew the waistband around the top of the pants. Avoid sewing the elastic. If the elastic is pulling on the waistband, it will help to stretch the fabric slightly so that it is laying flat. But don’t stretch the fabric too much!DSC_03137. Fold the bottom up and hem, using a longer stitch length to allow for stretch.

DSC_0401Now your little rockstar has a pair of pants that are so comfy, he’ll ask you if they are pajamas. [true story] But they look a lot nicer for playdates and preschool!
DSC_0398Be sure to come back tomorrow when I’ll be sharing the rest of this rockstar look, inspired by a super fun 80s song. See you then!


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  1. I’ve been wanting to play with stretch denim! I love that you used it for boys pants. Why not? wouldn’t these be great for potty training? so much classier than sweatpants too!

    1. jodi that’s part of the reason my 3yo will only wear sweats – he can’t do buttons/snaps and can’t pull pants up on his own that have them. so these make my life so much easier! :)

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