Truth in the Tinsel – 12 Days till Christmas Discount!

I have to admit, we’ve kinda been slacking on our Advent calendar.  We’ve been talking about Christmas, and preparing for the birth of the King, but we’ve gotten a little side tracked from our Truth in the Tinsel crafts.

If you haven’t done an Advent calendar yet, but would still like to, Truth in the Tinsel is 20% off today!  Plus, when you download your copy, you’ll get a new 12 day schedule to follow for the remainder of the Advent season.

This sale goes until midnight ET tonight.  Use the code 12DAYS to get your copy.

P.S. I have not too many sewing projects to show you right now, because the ones I’m working on are all gifts for family members who would probably read about it here… so I will share a lot of those after Christmas.  I’ll be sharing a few quick and easy handmade gift ideas [for procrastinators like me!] over the next couple weeks, though.  Come back tomorrow for one!

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