Vintage Sheet turned Pillow


For years now I’ve been saying I need new pillows in our living room. I’ve been using the ones that came with our couch – you know, the ones that have the exact same fabric as the couch. Brown. Pretty sure that’s reason number sixteen million why my home will not be featured in any decorator’s magazines anytime soon. I actually probably couldn’t even name any decorator’s magazines….

Anyway. I finally made some pillows. I used one of my favorite vintage sheets on one side, some knit fabric on the other.

I used pillow forms that I already had and made an envelope enclosure in the back.

I used a white knit fabric for the back of the pillows – one that’s almost sweatshirt-y, but doesn’t really have much stretch to it. So it holds its shape well and didn’t get super wonky while sewing.

But the beauty of using knit fabric on the back? I left the edges raw, since the fabric won’t fray and no one will even notice [unless you read this and come to my house and inspect my pillows. But please don’t, because someone has probably gotten smoothie on them already…]

Slowly working flowers into my house full of boys… :)

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