Upcycled Small Fry Skinny Jeans


If you haven’t heard of the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern from Titchy Threads, I’m super excited to introduce you. Friends, I have found a new favorite pattern!

Upcycled Small Fry Skinny Jeans

Since this is a skinny jeans pattern, your fabric needs to have some stretch. As I was looking through my stash, I remembered a pair of stretch corduroys I used to wear that don’t fit anymore. They’re officially reborn as these fabulous pants!

I was so incredibly impressed with this pattern. It’s filled with details to give your pants a really professional look.

small fry details
Flat felled seams, inset pockets (or front patch pockets), back yoke and pockets, belt loops… and the pattern includes detailed photos and instructions to walk you through every step.

Since my fabric was brown and the orange topstitching didn’t stand out quite as much as I had hoped on the corduroy, I added a yellow button to make the pants a bit more fun. :)


Since I was upcycling, I used a lot of existing elements – I re-used the back pockets (just made them a bit smaller), the hem of the pants (you can see they’re a little worn), and the waistband and belt loops.


Even though these are a skinny jeans pattern, they’re super comfortable for little ones. I’m pretty sure my four-year-old would have slept in them.

But the absolute best part of the pattern for me…..

I finally conquered a zipper fly!!! I’ve been afraid to try this. I’ve chickened out so many times, but I knew I had to bite the bullet, to make these pants look really well done. Plus, I declared this year the year of risky sewing. If you’ve never sewn a zipper fly before, I’d encourage you to just try it. [Though the pattern also gives instructions for a half fly if you don’t want to use a zipper] I found it really helpful to look at more than one tutorial. The instructions in this pattern are perfectly clear and you would have no problem doing it with that alone, but I found it easier to see a couple of ways to do it and different wordings. Sometimes that’s what it takes for it to click in my brain. ;)

Win for me, win for him!

Disclosure: I was given this pattern in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own, and my opinion is that this pattern is super fab. ;)

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  1. This is such a great way to use an old pair of corduroys. I love the little pop of colour from the yellow button and the fly looks amazing. Thanks so much for joining the tour today.

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