Comfy Overalls – the Naptime Pants!

Little boys wearing overalls. Seriously, can it get any cuter?

Well, he is my kid, so I’m probably biased.

But the one problem I have with overalls is that most of them are denim with all these buckles and whatnot – which aren’t always super comfortable for baby taking a nap. [and a no-napping baby makes for a no-happy mama]

So I made a super comfy pair of jersey knit overalls for my little guy.

I added some simple embroidered stars in yellow and orange – not blue, on the off chance [fat chance?] baby number four is a girl.

The T-shirt underneath is upcycled from a shirt that I loved in college and couldn’t bear to part with. And now I don’t have to. It ended up a little big [which is what you get for sewing and not measuring during naptime!], but this way it will last through the long, LONG winter.

I’m going to tweak my overall pattern a bit, because it didn’t turn out exactly how I pictured in my head. But hey – I did my first snap-crotch! [and seriously, can someone please tell me something else I could call that?]

Here’s to stripes and overalls that make babies nap! Or something like that…

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  1. stinkin’ adorable, jess! love the shirt AND the coveralls. what a great idea! i want some in my size, please. ;)

    and i can’t wait to see if baby #4 is a girl. ultrasound day, hurry on up and get here!

  2. So cute and comfy looking! I love these! I am trying to figure out making my son some comfy but sturdy coveralls (we live in wet cold muddy oregon)without a pattern…so you are definately a big inspiration to get those done now!
    Bonnie MS

    1. well thank you! they were definitely an easy sew – i used a pair of fleece overalls as my starting point. let me know if you make some!

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