The Charlotte Dress

A while back, I won a Mama Stellato pattern, from a giveaway on The Train to Crazy.  As I was browsing through her etsy shop, I realized… hmm, these are pretty much all girl patterns.  I entered the giveaway anyway, thinking I would never win, but lo and behold – I did!  I think I seriously shrieked out loud when I saw that I had won!

I ended up choosing The Charlotte Dress pattern and made one for each of my nieces for my upcycled Christmas.

First of all, this pattern was incredibly easy to follow.  It was quick and simple (though I won’t tell you how long it actually took me, from start to finish… it’s shameful how long the pieces sat, cut, ready to be sewn), and includes color photos that help you follow her clear, step-by-step instructions.  You also do not need a serger for this pattern (though I did use one for the construction of the main body of the dress).

The dresses were all made from some vintage thrifted sheets, along with some extra fabric I had lying around to make the sashes.  I love the non-matching sashes.  I made three different sizes (the pattern goes from 6mos. – 5T), and they seriously practically sewed themselves together, they were so easy.  Especially when using the already hemmed edges of a sheet – easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I made the dresses in hopefully the correct sizes for my little niecies to wear in the spring, since the fabric is not quite so wintery, and none of them live in summery climates.

It was so fun to do some little girl sewing in my boy-dominated world!

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