A repurposed handmade costume

I didn’t have it in me to make two costumes this year [without going a little bit insane], so I knew that this year, Luke Skywalker would be walking alongside whatever we could find in the dress up bin.


tutorial found here

Of course, my plan to have my 3yo be Darth Vader was thwarted by the fact that we couldn’t actually find the Darth Vader mask. So… plan B. A couple years ago, I made a monkey costume for my oldest. It has since been very well-loved. So well loved, in fact, that the monkey hat is currently missing. Hmm…are you seeing a trend?

monkey costume in action… taffy-eating and all

About twenty minutes before my littles went Trick-or-Treating [which yes, has already happened here… our city does it on the weekend], I came up with this fabulous plan: turn this into an owl!


Add an owl hat and a [poorly cut] half circle of knit fabric [an old T-shirt or fleece would work great too!] pinned to the back of the shirt, and you have an owl!DSC_0565

Free, no-sew costume for the win! You could easily add this to a T-shirt or sweatshirt straight from your child’s closet too!

Are you making your costumes this year or are you digging through the dress-up bin too?

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