Big Island Board Shorts!

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If you are a Blank Slate Patterns lover like I am, you might have seen that the retro summer collection was just released this morning.

summer-vibe-collectionIf you’re not already a fan, you will be after looking at this collection. Click here to visit Blank Slate Patterns.big island board shorts | if only they would nap I think Melissa has some of the most well-written patterns I’ve ever used. Every direction is so clear and the photo-instructions are excellent. And the Big Island Board Shorts came together like a dream. Click here to view more detailsDSC_0843These shorts are designed to be swim trunks if you want – but they could also be regular shorts. The pattern includes an optional swim trunk lining, which I can now add that to my list of things-that-are-easier-to-sew-than-I-expected-them-to-be.DSC_0825I made mine out of PUL [cloth diaper fabric], since I had some on hand. But you can use any quick-drying fabric.DSC_0844I even used some vintage bias tape that I’ve been hoarding, waiting for the perfect project. I think this showcases it beautifully!DSC_0839It hasn’t exactly been beach weather here, so our indoor photo shoot required chocolate bribery.DSC_0687I tested the 18month size, which was perfect for my 22 month old. They have plenty of room for a swim diaper, and are also perfect without [but if your child is potty trained at 22 months, don’t tell me… I don’t want to know]. I can even squeeze his cloth diapered bum in there – important for the drive to and from the beach or pool!DSC_0715Now all we need is some sunshine!

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  1. that fabirc is awesome!!!…I wonder if my Joanns carries PUL fabric… I was so dissapointed when I walked through the store and even asked and they were just like – ‘nope, don’t carry anything like that’ ;op

    1. aw, bummer! i got this from my SIL, but i’m sure it was from joann’s. i’ve seen it in mine, but it’s in a completely different section from all the other fabrics. they have the cloth diaper making supplies in their own spot. you can also get PUL on (and probably lots of other places!)

  2. And here I was looking in Target just today for some swim trunks for Thomas only to come away empty handed. The whole time, you were MAKING the cutest ones on the planet. Go you!!!

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