Final day of the Bottoms Up Pants tour with the Shaffer Sisters

Well, I can hardly believe that it’s the last day of the Bottoms Up Pants pattern tour! The amazing bloggers who joined me the last two weeks, and shared their versions of the pattern, have been so fantastic!! And today we’re ending the tour with yet another aDORable version! I always look forward to seeing what the Shaffer Sisters sew – and I love that they are sisters who sew, maybe I can convince my sisters to sew and blog with me?? And Scary’s Bottoms Up Pants are SO stinkin’ cute!


These sweet baby pants just might make me like chevron ;)

The Bottoms Up Pants are 25% off, only through Sunday 1/18! So if you’ve been thinking about getting the pattern, now is the time!

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Thanks so, so much to all my amazing friends who were so supportive of me and this pattern! It’s been such a thrill to see so many people sewing up my design. If you sew up your copy, make sure you share it with me! Join the If Only Designs Facebook group to share, or share them on Instagram!

Jan 5th –> Sarah at The Crazy Tailor
Jan 6th –> Melissa at Sew Like My Mom
Jan 8th –> Marissa at RaeGun Ramblings
Jan 9th –> Emily at Naptime Creations
Jan 12th –> Me!
Jan 13th –> Sabra at Sew a Straight Line
Jan 14th –> RaeAnna at Sewing Mama Raeanna
Jan 15th –> Kacia at Coconut Robot
Jan 16th –> Scary at Shaffer Sisters

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