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Today we have another change in the tour schedule, so you get to see another one of MY versions of the Bottoms Up Pants! I added a flannel lining (because babies in -25 F windchill need to stay warm!) and today I’ll show you how to add a lining to any pants pattern you have.Add a lining to any pants pattern

Adding a lining is super simple. It obviously adds a little bulk, so you may have to go up a size, especially if your little one is close to moving up to the next one. My little guy still fits into the 18 month size at 21 months, but I want the pants to last through the rest of the winter, so I went up to 24 months.


Let’s get started!

1. Cut out the front and back pieces in both the outer and inner fabric. Sew them together according to the pattern instructions – remember to add your pockets first! Keep your lining pieces inside out.


2. Since the Bottoms Up Pants don’t have a separate waistband piece, you will need to trim your lining pieces. Cut one inch off the top of the lining to avoid bulk in the waist. If you’re using a different pants pattern that has a waistband, you won’t need to trim your fabric.

There are two different ways to attach the lining.

Here’s option one (this is a great option if you want to cuff the pants so the lining shows):

  • Tuck your lining (still inside out!) into your outer fabric, making sure the bottom of the outer and lining fabrics meet at the bottom. If you’re using the Bottoms Up Pants pattern or another without a separate waistband, your lining won’t reach the top.


  • Turn the outer fabric inside out, holding the bottoms together.


  • Sew the lining and outer fabrics together with the right sides together. Do this carefully so that you only sew through the two layers. Repeat with the second leg.


  • Now pull the lining and outer fabrics together!



Here’s option two (this is great if you don’t plan to cuff the pants):


  • After trimming one inch off the top of the lining, trim 1/2 inch off the bottom of the lining. Then hem as the pattern instructs, tucking the lining into the hem.

Now finish the waistband according to the pattern instructions, making sure the lining is tucked inside!


Now you have some nice and cozy lined pants! Perfect for keeping those baby legs warm. :)


I used the same lining fabric for the pockets, and I used the flap pockets that I loooove.


My little guy is still pretty short for the 24 month size, so we have a pretty wide cuff on these pants. I could have used the 18 month length, but we should get some great wear out of them throughout the whole winter!

DSC_2886 copy

And because a pattern tour is much more fun with a discount, the Bottoms Up Pants pattern is on sale, 25% through 1/18 – no code needed!

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