Best Resources for Teaching Kids Multiplication and Division


There are so many ways to teach kids multiplication and division, and any math curriculum you choose will cover it. But in my experience, having resources outside of a curriculum, especially hands-on resources, is super important and often better than the curriculum. Partly because it isn’t boring… and math doesn’t have to be boring! So I’m going to share the best resources we have used for teaching multiplication and division, both in our homeschool with my own kids and in my years in the elementary classroom.

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Games are one of the best ways to learn math concepts – it’s hands on, interactive, and often kids are having so much fun, they don’t even know they’re learning!

Pet Me from Logic Roots is a great game for division, and we have played some of their other games as well (they make games for other math concepts too, including multiplication)

Multiplication Slam is a super fun “video game” style learning game (and bonus for parents: it has a headphones jack! ;) We take this on car rides for on the go learning.

We love using books, and the Usborne Lift-the-flap Times Tables book is probably our all-time fave. This one doesn’t feel at all like learning, and certainly not boring. It’s interactive, colorful, and packed with learning fun. The Lift-the-flap Multiplying and Dividing is also a great resource!

The Times Machine by Danica McKellar (yes, from The Wonder Years!) is also an excellent resource, with games, tips and tricks to remembering facts, and colorful pages.

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Hands-on tools and resources are important for any type of learning, especially math. A 100s board is great for learning math fact families, skip counting, and seeing a visual of multiplication.

Fractions are a great way to practice multiplication and division, so fraction circles like these large magnets or small foam pieces and these fraction cubes are perfect resources.

My kids also love these Math Machines – we had them when I was growing up too!

I’m not big on a lot of workbooks, but these Facts That Stick books by Kate Snow are filled with games you can do along with fact practice sheets. We love the games!

You can find these math games in my shop that use everyday items you probably have in your house already:

Learning math doesn’t have to be boring, but having resources that aren’t boring helps. Fill your home or classroom with tools that encourage your kids to have fun learning math and they might surprise you with how much they do!

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