Five Tips for Choosing Your Homeschool Curriculum

When you’re starting your homeschool from square one, it’s easy to get lost in all the options. There are so many curricula choices out there! I have five tips for choosing your homeschool curriculum to help you get a great start.

How do you choose a Homeschool Curriculum?

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Five tips for choosing your homeschool curriculum

1.Choose a curriculum that matches your family’s values and priorities

It’s incredibly important to maintain the values and priorities that you have for your family and your homeschool. If a curriculum is online but your family values low screens, it’s not a good fit.

2. Choose a curriculum that considers your kids’ needs AND your needs

You need to keep in mind your kids’ learning styles but also your own needs. Do you work at home? Do you have infants and need something less hands-on for you? Consider these things when looking at curriculum options.

3. Ask yourself: Do I need a curriculum to teach this?

Not everything requires a curriculum. Your kids can learn so much from a book, a documentary, or even a field trip. Sometimes a curriculum is the best option, and other times it’s just not necessary.

4. Download a sample, watch a YouTube review, or find a copy to see in person.

It’s the worst feeling when you buy a curriculum, especially an expensive one, that turns out to be a terrible fit! Looking at samples or reviews will help. If you can, see if there is someone local to you who has a copy that you can look at in person.

5. Be okay with changing your mind and putting the curriculum aside if it doesn’t work.

At some point, you might be in the middle of a curriculum and realize it’s not working for your family. It’s always better to walk away than to stick with a curriculum that isn’t a great fit.

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