Plan Your DIY Projects with a FREE printable Project Idea Journal

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If you’re a creative person, you probably have a million project ideas in your head at one time. Can you relate to that? If I don’t write my project ideas down, sometimes this gets lost in the sea of creative ideas. I created a printable project journal and am offering it here as a FREE printable for you, to help you organize and plan all of your DIY project ideas too! Plan your sewing, knitting, crochet, or handicraft projects… or any DIY project!

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This Project Journal is not specific to any particular craft or skill. It can work for just about anything: sewing, crafting, knitting, handicrafts, DIY home projects, etc. This project planner is great for kids who are creative and are always coming up with projects. Veteran homeschool mom tip: if your kids have a hobby, find a way to tie reading and writing to it. This project journal can help them practice their writing while encouraging them to work with their hands!

There are two versions of this journal – the full page version and the half page version.

Once you download this free project journal, print out the version you want to use, with as many pages as you’d like. You can print these pages out one at a time or you can print out a bunch of them and bind or staple them together. I have this binding machine but a simple stapler is a super affordable option. Or sew the paper together!

Grab your FREE DIY Project Planner Here:

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