Sewing and Crafting Supplies to buy at Thrift Stores

Let’s be honest… feeding your sewing or crafting habit can be expensive if you’re always buying everything new! It’s a great idea to buy sewing and crafting supplies at thrift stores. When you find these items gently used or pre-owned, you can often save a lot of money. I shop my local thrift stores quite often, so I have a lot of tips for you! These tips also apply to buying sewing and crafting supplies at rummage or yard sales. Buying your supplies used is an especially good idea if you are buying them for your kids to use.

sewing and crafting supplies to buy at thrift stores

What sewing and crafting supplies should you look for at thrift stores?


You can often find a lot of fabric at thrift stores, but don’t limit yourself to actual fabric. Things like bedsheets, wool sweaters, other pieces of clothing like T-shirts or button-up shirts, are perfect for upcycling and using as fabric. This is one way toI mentioned for buying fabric on a budget in this post here. I’m also always on the lookout for vintage sheets to use for sewing projects!


Many thrift shops will package notions like buttons, zippers, bias tape, etc. and sell them in small bundles at a very low price.


I almost always find thread when I’m out thrifting, but purchase with caution: vintage thread spools are great for decorations, but aren’t the best for using in your projects. Older thread can break more easily and weaken the strength of your final product. However, these are perfect for kids who are learning to sew!


My kiddos love to knit, but sometimes they get halfway through a project before abandoning it. So I don’t want to spend a lot of money on yarn! I’ve purchased large bundles of yarn for a couple dollars before at thrift shops.


Crochet hooks, knitting needles, embroidery hoops, and sewing machines are easily found at thrift stores. Before purchasing a sewing machine, always do a quick google search to see if it’s worth purchasing, see if you can plug it in and test it, and don’t spend a lot of money if you don’t know that it works (unless you’re using a vintage machine as decor).

Kid Craft Supplies

Pom poms, ribbon, stickers, and other art and craft supplies are also things I look for at thrift stores.

sewing and crafting supplies to buy at thrift stores

Containers and baskets

I love buying baskets at thrift stores, because they are SO expensive new! Baskets, desk organizers, and other containers for storing notions and supplies are great to look for at these shops.

Do you shop for sewing and crafting supplies at thrift stores? What are your favorite things to look for there?

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