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My kids and I have been studying the U.S. Presidents in our homeschool (which is a pretty common thing around Presidents’ Day ;) and I thought it would be helpful to round up the resources that we’ve been using. I’ve listed out resources for teaching about U.S. Presidents like books, puzzles, games, videos, and printables. Whether you’re studying one President or celebrating President’s Day, you’ll find the perfect resource here.

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The main thing that we’ve been using to learn about the Presidents is books! There are approximately 14 million books about U.S. Presidents ;) and many of the books we’re using are ones that I’ve picked up at thrift stores over the years. I’ve linked what I can over on Amazon to make it easy for you to find them, but I highly encourage you to look at your local library or used bookstores (online or in person) to find them. Head to this post to see my tips about buying books on a budget.

Books for finding facts about each U.S. President:

Scholastic Encyclopedia of the Presidents
U.S. Presidents Feats and Foul Ups
Smart About the Presidents
The Everything Kids’ Presidents Book
Our Country’s Presidents
Grover Cleveland, again!: a treasury of U.S. Presidents

Books about individual U.S. Presidents:

Picture books:

The “who was” series: Who Was Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington (the collection of all three is here), Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, etc.
George Washington’s Breakfast
George Washington
The Action Presidents series – a fun graphic novel series about Presidents
President Taft is Stuck in the Bath!
Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library
Nice Work, Franklin!
The Camping Trip that Changed America
The Story of Barack Obama
Just Like Abraham Lincoln

Chapter books:

Kid Presidents
Meet Abraham Lincoln
Abe Lincoln Grows Up
Meet Thomas Jefferson

General picture and chapter books about the U.S. Presidency:

If I Ran for President
So You Want to be President?
If I Were President
Duck for President
The Kid Who Ran for President
The Kid Who Became President

If you have an older set of encyclopedias (which we do!), you might be able to find some books on Presidents or you can look up individual Presidents in each volume.

Games for learning about U.S. Presidents


300 piece U.S. Presidents puzzle or a 1000 piece puzzle

U.S. Presidents and 50 states flashcards

Presidents of the United States trivia game

These placemats aren’t really a game, but they’re a fun and different way to learn the Presidents!

Online resources for learning about U.S. Presidents:

Homeschool Pop has some videos like Presidents Day Facts for Kids, Facts about George Washington, and Facts about Abraham Lincoln for kids.

Prager U Kids has a ton of resources on Presidents, including digital biography magazines on Presidents and an entire playlist of videos on American Presidents.

Printables for learning about the U.S. Presidents:

The Write a Biography printable pack pairs perfectly (phew… mouthful of alliteration there!) with books about Presidents. Choose a President, print out the pages, and learn how to write a biography! These printables are not specific to Presidents, so they can be used over and over for any person. (These are also found in the Research and Notetaking Bundle)

This US Government and Elections unit study goes into Presidential elections through literature. It includes a great book list for learning about the President of the United States.

Videos about U.S. Presidents:

Lincoln and Douglass: an American Friendship – this has four different stories about several different moments in American history, including Abraham Lincoln.

Liberty’s Kids (a great video series on the American Revolution) – not directly related to U.S. Presidents, but is a great history series.

If you’re looking for more reading support, you can find more reading posts HERE.

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