Valentine’s Day Activities Your Kids will Love


I have always loved celebrating Valentine’s Day with my kiddos. It doesn’t need to be fancy! You can throw together some fun Valentine’s Day activities to make the day fun and festive, without spending a lot of money or making it complicated. I’ve gathered up some of our favorite activities, handicrafts, books, and printables so that you have some fun ideas!

Valentine's Day activities

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Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Now before you read through this list, remember: you don’t need to do all of this or even any of it to have a special day with your kiddos. There are years I’ve done nothing but write a quick “I love you” note or thrown a Valentine’s Day tablecloth on the kitchen table. Do what’s in your capacity – guilt free!



Have a history lesson about where Valentine’s Day came from, how it began, and who St. Valentine was.

This video gives a good history of the background of Valentine’s Day.

This book about St. Valentine also gives a good history of Valentine’s Day.


There are SO many books about Valentine’s Day out there – some are kind of cheesy, but there are also a lot of good quality Valentine’s Day book. I’ll be honest that I usually tend to read non-holiday related books with my kiddos for Valentine’s Day. We read books about love and friendship, but they aren’t tied in with Valentine’s Day

SarahRuth over at Kindle Togetherness has a great Valentine book list if you want more recommendations.

Kathleen from Roots and Boots also has a wonderful Valentine book list!


These Bible verse coloring pages are a great way to focus on biblical love while also practicing Scripture memorization.

These studies of 1 Corinthians 13 are a great way to talk about how the Bible says we should love – and they’re designed to do together as a family!

Learning Invitations

Check out these Valentine’s Day Learning Invitations:

Sensory activities

Playdough – make pink playdough and use with heart shaped cookie cutters. Write messages to each other in the playdough using popsicle sticks or stamps.

Sensory bins – fill bins or dishtubs with beans, seeds, etc. Add in heart shaped cookie cutters, funnels, felt hearts, wooden hearts, etc. If your kids are older, add in wooden letters that spell out the words “heart” or “love” and have your kids find the letters and build the words

Cooking – make heart shaped pancakes or cookies together. My kids like shaping this cookie dough into hearts and making heart cookies. Let your kids help mix the dough, add sprinkles, or smell the different ingredients.


Valentines are a great way to practice name writing and writing letters. Along with writing practice, it’s also a great way to acknowledge things you love about someone in your family or to practice being kind and generous to each other. Practice addressing envelopes when you send valentines to far away friends and family!

Share what you love about your friends and family with these “What I love about…” hearts. Tape them to your bedroom doors, leave them in lunchboxes, or put them on their plates at dinner.

Head here to see candy-free Valentine ideas and download more free printables:

What Valentine’s Day activities do you like to do with your kiddos?

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