Valentine’s Day Learning Invitations


I’m not a fan of crafts. I know, I know… it’s the homeschool-y way, to have a Pinterest perfect craft every day. And as someone who has written a DIY blog for ten years, I realize this is a pretty strong statement. I love to read and bake and hike and even sew with my kids, but get away from me with the complicated step-by-step craft projects! Instead, I create learning invitations for them – where they can do the crafts their way, without my interference. I put together a fun Valentine’s Day themed learning invitation that encourages letter writing skills, fine motor skills, handicrafts, and more.

So what’s a learning invitations?⠀Learning invitations are one of my favorite ways to introduce an activity or idea. It’s a gentle suggestion – doesn’t require an ask from me or an answer from them! I just set everything out and let them go nuts. But the key is: they get to choose to participate or not.

Sometimes it means I set out all the pieces for them to develop a craft (and maybe a book with craft ideas). Sometimes I set out books on a topic to invite them to read. Sometimes I set up the pieces for pretend play.


This Valentine’s Day learning invitation was a combination of pretend play and crafting! Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so I set up a variety of paper, some , stamps, along with both paper and fabric envelopes.

My older kids can work on writing letters and addressing envelopes while my preschooler is writing “to mom” a hundred times and mastering the buttons on the felt envelopes. And they can all pretend to mail letters to each other!

These fabric envelopes are my contribution to the latest Valentine’s Day collection from Rooted Childhood – and I’m so excited to share that it’s officially open for presale until February 1st. You can find the full felt envelope tutorial in the collection.

Grab it before the end of the month to get the discounted price to see the full tutorial plus a bunch of other recipes, simple crafts, and stories — all perfect for learning invitations like these!⠀Head to Rooted Childhood and use code SILOANDSAGE to get 10% off the presale price (and everything else in her shop!)

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