Easter Books and Baskets

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In our house, we celebrate Easter as the Resurrection of Jesus, but we also like to celebrate the fun of Easter baskets! We keep baskets pretty simple, as we don’t want the focus to be on the gifts. But since we don’t buy a lot of extra gifts for our kids, outside of Christmas and birthdays, it’s a fun family tradition to do gifts on Easter! Easter books and baskets are a great way to balance the true meaning of Easter and the fun traditions of the day.

easter books and baskets ideas for gifts

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Easter Books and Baskets


Passover Guide by Kindle Togetherness
Passion Week Devotional by This Mother Hen (kids’ and adult versions!)
Uncovering the Love of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu 

Our Fave Easter Books

The Garden the Curtain and the Cross

This is one of our favorite stories – it’s beautifully written, has gorgeous illustrations, and focuses on Jesus.

Who is Jesus

This book isn’t specific to Easter time, but it’s excellent to read in the days leading up to Resurrection Day. And it’s perfect to read to learn more about Jesus!

Amon’s Adventure

This is a wonderful story of a boy living at the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Most stories written about Easter are written for younger kids, but this is a longer story. It’s great read aloud to share with the whole family or for your older kids to read on their own.

Picture Books

The Donkey who Carried a King by R.C. Sproul
This is the Gospel from Kids Read Truth
Our Great God: Attributes of God coloring book
Goodbye to Goodbyes


This is a perfect time to buy a Bible for your kiddos, if they don’t have their own already! Our older boys have this ESV Student Bible that we really like. Our younger kids have this ESV Children’s Bible. The Action Bible is also a great secondary Bible option!

I personally love journaling Bibles like this ESV Journaling Bible for myself.

Sustainable Easter Baskets

Try looking at thrift stores for your Easter baskets!
This saves them from the landfill, and you can find some unique baskets.
I often use the same baskets as harvest baskets for my garden.

Simple Gifts for Easter Baskets

We keep our gifts very simple – things that the kids can use outside in the spring, small craft supplies, travel sized items for an upcoming trip, etc. Some of our favorites (we don’t do all of these every year):

Try hiding your kids’ Easter baskets around the house for special Easter morning fun! My husband likes to hide one basket outside every year. ;) You could also make it a scavenger hunt for extra fun!

Alternative, Healthier Candy Options

We don’t eat much candy at all in our house, and I personally don’t see any value in giving my kids junk in their Easter baskets. We also have food allergies to deal with in our home. So I’ve found some alternative healthier candy options that I do feel comfortable putting in their baskets.

smart sweets

yum earth pops

yum earth fruit snacks

almond butter cups

yum earth jelly beans

gourmet marsh-mallows

Handmade Gifts

Try making a little stuffie or a little jacket for a stuffed animal.

Head HERE to see even more gift recommendations for all ages

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