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DIY Indoor Hopscotch Mat

It’s day two of Handmade Gifts for Boys, and today I have a fun tutorial to keep your littles busy and active inside this winter. It’s about to get so ridiculously cold in Wisconsin, and I’m always trying…

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Handmade Gifts for Boys Day 1: Trading Card Carrier Tutorial

Today fellow boy mama Stacey and I are back for our fourth annual Handmade Gifts for Boys series! We love this series so much!! We have some awesome tutorials and inspiration for you, plus a HUGE giveaway at…


Handmade Gifts for Boys: embroidered kid art tote bag [a tutorial]

As I said yesterday, my boys love to do art. Their drawings and creations are seriously beginning to take over our house. Because not only do my boys love their art, they also hate to part with it….


A Polka Dot Penguin

My boys l.o.v.e. stuffed animals. My older two have hoarded every single stuffed animal they can find onto their beds. It’s kind of hilarious. But my two-year-old, he’s been left with one little bunny that the other boys…