10 Things to Sew for Baby from a Flannel Sheet

We're in full-on baby prep mode over here, and I always have a few projects I want to sew before baby arrives. So when Dana of Sew Thrifty invited me to be a part of her Thrifty Baby Celebration, it made perfect sense to participate! I love to upcycle, and baby clothes and accessories are PERFECT for … Continue reading 10 Things to Sew for Baby from a Flannel Sheet


Getting Ready for Baby: Cloth Wipes and Burp Cloths

If you've had a baby or seen a baby before... ever... you know that babies make a lot of messes. And usually at the times that are the most inconvenient [like when you're sitting in church or cleaning the house for guests to come over]. So some of the obvious baby prep for me was … Continue reading Getting Ready for Baby: Cloth Wipes and Burp Cloths

Quick Flannel Jammies

I've busy working on all the things I am going to share with you during Boys Will Be Boys... So Handmake Their Toys [our super awesome handmade gift series!]. But of course, I can't show you any of that. Yet. But you're going to love it. Promise. So I whipped up a couple of quick … Continue reading Quick Flannel Jammies

Nesting: a Changing Pad Cover

Tomorrow will be only two weeks from my due date, so I am in full project mode.  I have been organizing and sewing and rearranging furniture [well, the hubs has been doing that one for me, bless his heart].  One of the items on my agenda was making a cover for our diaper changing pad. … Continue reading Nesting: a Changing Pad Cover

Prefold Cloth Diapers – a Tutorial!

We are a cloth diapering family.  There are lots of reasons for this [any of which I could happily discuss with you if you are curious!] ... I love not filling landfills with poopy diapers, I love putting cloth on my baby's bum versus a disposable, and I absolutely L.O.V.E. not having to shell out … Continue reading Prefold Cloth Diapers – a Tutorial!

Upcycling + Serging = Love

I did it.  I finally sat down with my brand new serger and tried it on for size.  Oh, I am in love.  It is a dream to have this machine!  I've only tried out one stitch so far, but I was really impressed with how this baby handled my first project. Lined upcycled jeans … Continue reading Upcycling + Serging = Love